Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotels For Travelers

Nowadays, the seasoned traveler expects a resort to be green and eco-friendly in all aspects, to reduce its carbon footprint and, ultimately, to help the environment. 

Many 5-star hotels have implemented a green policy, by using sustainable construction materials, recycling waste materials, conserving water, or preserving fragile ecosystems. 

Beach Resort 

Perched along crescent-shaped shores, the beach-front resort radiates luxury. Such resorts and hotels include luxury suites and guest rooms, and seven residential villas. Their facilities are a  blend of luxury and comfort for the traveling community. Before planning a trip it is essential to check out hotel guides such as The Luxury Savant to make your vacation pleasant. 

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The eco-friendly hotel has a design approach that minimizes waste and harmful emissions, reduces energy and water consumption, and stresses sustainable design as an integral component of its overall strategy. 

Sustainable elements throughout the hotels include a solar hot water system, variable speed chillers, motion sensor lighting controls, and low-flow plumbing fixtures. Environmental practices continue in-room, with automatic temperature control, and guest room furniture exhibits luxury. 

Hotel in Tasmania 

Tasmania is a wild and diverse frontier on land and in its coastal waters, and Saffire Freycinet complements its grandiose surroundings instead of competing with them.

The eco-friendly hotel in Tasmania has been built using a framework of environmental sustainability, with the purpose of rejuvenating the area which had been previously damaged as a caravan park and backpackers’ accommodation. 

Ongoing environmentally sustainable practices include insulation, double glazing, highly energy-efficient hot water usage, and lighting, natural cycle airflow systems, wide application of LED technology, use of Modwood as a wood alternative where appropriate, and limiting further impacts on the landscape through activity.